Flexible River Projects

American River Parkway Foundation has volunteer projects available for large groups on a flexible basis.  Projects can be tailored to any group, including clean ups, gardening projects, park and trail maintenance, and many other options.  Contact Team Giving if you have a large group interested in working along the river.

Garden Clean Up

Chicks in Crisis has a food garden and a healing garden that are in need of maintenance.  Weeding, fixing and/or building planters, pruning, putting in new plants, etc.,  Great for a small-to-medium sized group this spring!  Schedule is flexible.

Repair an Old Schoolhouse!

The Long Valley Community Hall was originally built as a one-room school house in Newcastle, CA, just outside of Auburn. Years ago it fell into an unfortunate state of disrepair, but a community group came together to form a non-profit in 2010 and have been steadily been making repairs. Now a usable building available for community events, wedding receptions, and group meetings, they still have more work to do. This is a perfect project, with a wide range of tasks to choose from, including painting and more specialized demolition projects.

2008 Rattlesnake Rd.

Maker's Space

ReCreate is committed to reducing waste in our community—and inspiring others to do the same—through art, education, and imagination.  They have a "Maker's Space" where they hold classes and workshops, and would really like to update it.  They would like 3-5 Flip-Top benches built and perhaps some shelving put up.  This is great for a group who wants to work with their hands to build something new that will make a lasting impact on a great organization.

8417 Washington Blvd. #135
RosevilleCA  95678

Shelf Installment

Sutter Street Theater needs shelves installed in the rafters.

Birthday Boxes for Foster Youth

Purchase supplies and wrap birthday boxes for local foster youth!  While every child has a birthday, not every child has an opportunity to celebrate; foster children often have birthdays forgotton, or providing a party is a burden on caregives.  Something as simple as a birthday party can bring joy and hope to a foster child -- and you can help!  Businesses can run a drive for birthday party supplies and/or pack and wrap boxes that will be delivered to foster children to make them feel special and cared for.

Right Hand Auburn Lockers

Residents of Right Hand Auburn Shelter don't have many belongings, but those that they do have are precious to them.  If a small team could come out to build some lockers, or build them at home and install them, it would go a long way to protecting these items.

11442 E Ave.

Right Hand Auburn Shade Structure

Right Hand Auburn shelter would like a small team to schedule a day to build a shade structure outside for the residents during the hot summer months.

11442 E Ave

American River Headwaters Restoration (Overnight Project)

This is a very special project for a group of up to 15 volunteers.  The American River Headwaters is maintained by the American River Conservancy, and needs a group to come on a two-day overnight trip dedicated to trail clean-up and restoration, trail brushing and weed removal, stream restoration, and aquatic habitat enhancement.  Training will be provided, and the date is flexible between July and October.

About 2 hours from Coloma, CA in the high country near French Meadows Reservoir.

Wakamatsu Farm Memorial Space

The farm is in need of a memorial space for donor recognition.  This project would be a start-to-finish commitment to the design and construction of the memorial.

941 Cold Springs Rd.

Wakamatsu Farm Shade Structure

The farm is in need of a formal gathering place.  This project would be a start-to-finish commitment to the design and construction of a shade structure with solar panels on the roof.  

941 Cold Springs Rd.

Thank you for signing up to volunteer.